Address: No.2302, Unit B, Blog.5

Gangjingyuan,Zhongshan District,

Dalian, Liaoning, China

Tianshan is a member of the Chinese Bee Products

Association. We have our own pilot apiaries where

we can provide our staff the on-site training that

help accumate their holistic knowledge about our

products. They wouldlearn where and how each of

the bee products comes from as well as how

outstanding Tianshan’s products are. In Tianshan,



Knowing the raw material selection is the first step and the basis to achieve

the superior quality, we have strict and professional procurement process. The three criteria we consist on when we select the raw materials are: natural,

freshness, and High Biological Potency 

Scientific operation and standardized manufacture are the crucial factors

that lead Tianshan Bee Product to 

superior and stable quality

From the raw material procuring and manufacturing to the finished

products, our Quality Assurance


clients, we frequently share the testing results of the main active components with them. We also regularly exchange the detailed

testing information with the overseas endusers and independent laboratories to minized the deviation.We are proud of our outstanding Bee Products

because of the recognition of our clients and the influential position in the

field of bee products in China. We will, and always do, continuously work

hard to keep thelegend going on.

staff in ProductionDepartment and Procurement Department of bee products obtain bachelor degrees in Apiculture and are experts in bee products.

System strictly follows the standardsof industry-leading manufacturers.In

order to reach the demands of our